Technical Artist Bootcamp: The VFX of Diablo

20th Anniversary Event ft. David Pendergrast

Diablo Dungeon Design ft. Ed Hanes

One Couch to Rule Them All ft. Mike Hershberg

Engineering the Design of Set Dungeons ft. Stuart Capewell and Alex Sulman

Animation Support ft. Non Thareechit

Evolution of Cursed Events ft. Zaven Haroutunian

No Downtime in Diablo III ft. Kenneth Williams

Clickies, Traps & Breakables ft. Neal Wojahn

Lightning Talk: Building Better Goblins ft. Alex Sulman

Lightning Talk: 10 Items in 10 Minutes ft. John Yang

Lightning Talk: Building Iconic Weapons ft. Paul Warzecha

Lightning Talk: Ring of Royal Grandeur ft. Travis Day

Lightning Talk: Building Sescheron ft. Joe Shely

Lightning Talk: Greyhollow Island ft. Matthew Berger

Lightning Talk: Buffing the Buff UI ft. Wyatt Cheng

Lightning Talk: Greyhollow Lore ft. Brian Kindregan & Leonard Boyarsky