Identifying All in 1.0.8


31/03/2013 - 05:57ч. - Автор: vaskobgn

Travis Day

Currently the only way to identify your items is by clicking them one at a time. Our next content patch will be introducing the ID all feature. The decision was made that while maintaining that sense of opening presents is valuable, even with ID all players will still go through the process of evaluating the items in their bag one by one and that's effectively the same way to get the sense of excitement without forcing players to spend 2 minutes to identify a bag of items one by one.


Will ID All identify these UNID items all at once, or does it just do them one after another, merely eliminating the individual clicks?
Travis Day

There will be a cast bar and at the end of the cast bar all items will be identified.






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1. Коментари [ironbg] 31/03/2013 - 13:11ч.

Засега пача се очертава да е супер :)



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