When a Season ends your Paragon experience is rolled over to your non-Seasonal profile.
To calculate what Paragon level on your Non-Seasonal profile you will be when the current Season ends, simply fill either of the following forms and press the button.
The calculator's cap is 10,000 and is based on Diablofans' chart.

Fixed an issue which caused paragon levels greater than 2,000 to not be calculated correctly.
Your Paragon levels on the current Season:
Non-Seasonal Paragons:


Your Paragon levels may not be fetched correctly due to Battle.net API being temporarily disabled for BlizzCon.
Read more.

Enter your BattleTag®:

Due to changes Blizzard made to the APIs, BattleTags are now case-sensitive.
If Battle.net is down for maintenance, your level may appear as 0. If such problem occurs, use the form from above.

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