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Heroes of the Storm Founder Pack




Автор: Hollowman на 26/05/2014 - 12:56ч.

Heroes of the Storm Founder's Pack
Important: Blizzard has not made an official announcement about the Founder's Pack.

We've found an interesting page on the Battle.net Launcher for Heroes of the Storm which mentions a Heroes Founder's Pack. It is a digital purchase which unlocks beta access for your account in addition to giving you a Wolf mount made out of solid gold. The button links to a page on the European Battle.net shop which currently resolves to a 404 page not found, and we have not yet seen the solid gold wolf in the game files.


If this makes it to live, this will be the second time that Blizzard has allowed players to pay for access to the beta test for one of their games. The first time you could pay for access was through the WoW Annual Pass, which included access to the Mists of Pandaria beta. Although, this time around, it looks like the Founder's Pack grants instant access instead of access at an unspecified future date.

Would you pay for access to the Heroes of the Storm beta?

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