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Mythicman's "Going Medieval" Crusader




Автор: Benifios на 03/04/2015 - 08:33ч.


The knight in shining armor is one of the most epitomizing visuals of medieval times. A chivalrous devotee to a lord, lady, or faith, these courageous individuals often fought at the frontlines of their armies. Mythicman#6942 shares his interpretation of these iconic heroes with his “Going Medieval” build, unafraid to charge into battle atop his loyal steed to cut a devastating swath of destruction through his enemies.

About the Build:

Dozens of films and novels focus on the archetypal mounted knight, stretching anywhere from classics like the tales of Camelot and Don Quixote to more colorful interpretations like A Knight’s Tale or Galavant. While some focus on the individual heroics of a single knight, others highlight the more historical role these warriors played in mass combat. Mounted units were often at the forefront of an army, designed to pierce through a line of defense to make way for their foot soldiers while receiving ranged support from their allies. Today, Mythicman#6942 embodies this role with his Crusader build, truly “Going Medieval.”

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# 1: Mythicman's "Going Medieval" Crusader




Автор: CBrood на 03/04/2015 - 11:23ч.

Много ме радват стрелците, даже се пробвах да си въртя билд около тях, но нямам щита. Ако падне той и боздугана, ще го пробвам задължително.

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